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Natural Stone

Since 2002, ErthCOVERINGS has evolved into a North American leader in the distribution of high quality, natural stone veneers. Blaze Fireplace and Stone offers a variety of different manufacturer stone that can be used in any several applications.

Blustone 3D Panels

Blustone 3D Panels are crafted from natural limestone, and are designed to project a contemporary look and style by fusing the most beautiful characteristics of natural stone with modern design thinking.

Cream Quartzite 3D Panels

This lovely quartz stone veneer has a rich range of cream shades and a slightly rough, natural texture, making it a perfect option for both contemporary homes and homes that have a more traditional style.

Springwood Black 3D Panels

Springwood Black 3D Panels is a beautifully smooth, subtly varied charcoal slate stone veneer. Suitable for homes with a more contemporary look, as well as more traditional homes and those with a more rustic style.

Grey Wolf 3D Panels

Grey Wolf marble is a bold, striated dark grey stone, shot through with streaks of light grey. Highly textured and impressively strong, this marble 3D stone panel balances perfectly between both contemporary and traditional styles.

Silver Fox 3D Panels

Silver Fox is a stunning and contemporary limestone. These 3D panels have a subtle range of pale greys, and would look perfect as the stone cladding on your fireplace or feature wall as a way to elevate and modernize your home.

White Wolf 3D Panels

White Wolf 3D Panels are a stunning grey coloured marble, having light and dark grey veins throughout, and expertly cut to show off the wonderful variation in this material.

Mountain Grey Ledgestone Panels

Thick cut, earthy and rustic, Mountain Grey Ledgestone Panels is a stunning grey limestone shot through with oxidized yellow tones. This stone is incredibly versatile, ideal for homes looking for that touch of rustic charm, or for those with a more traditional or contemporary style.

Silver Fox Ledgestone Panels

Silver Fox Ledgestone is a lovely pale grey stone, with a subtle range of colours and an equally subtle texture, enhanced by the cut of the stone. This elegant limestone would be the ideal choice for a feature wall in a contemporary or more traditional home.

Smokey Mountain Ledgestone Panels

Each panel is made up of skillfully cut pieces arranged by varying thickness in order to show a variation in depth. The pieces are cut to reveal a natural and vibrant colour. Exact cuts allow for tight stacking panels.

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